A note from the General Counsel of the Chicago Automotive Trade Association regarding dealerships advertising deceptive pricing on their websites and in their emails.

"May I advertise a price for a vehicle wherein all rebates have been deducted, including a "loyalty" rebate that only applies to current owners of my manufacturer's vehicles?

No. A "loyalty" rebate, like a "college graduate," "Farm Bureau," or "finance company" rebate is a "limited rebate" under the terms of the Illinois Administrative Rules on Motor Vehicle Advertising, inasmuch as such rebates are not generally available to every consumer seeking to purchase or lease a motor vehicle. As such, it is a violation of Section 475.530 of those Rules to advertise a price or amount of an installment payment in which limited rebates have been deducted, or to advertise a total amount of rebate if a portion of the total consists of a limited rebate."