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Remember early April for the 2013 Dodge Viper

Remember the Dodge Viper? It's not that we think it's forgettable - it certainly isn't - but since it's been out of the Dodge lineup for one model year, we thought we'd refresh your memory. But when it comes to…
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The Chrysler Foundation makes a donation to Pennsylvania flood relief

People who really love their cars - people like Skokie Dodge drivers, for example - may be heard to refer to their cars as "lifesavers" or may even say they don't know what they'd do without their cars. None of this is literal, of course. Until, that is, it is.

Early last month, Bloomsburg, Penn., residents suffered a great loss after a relentless flood ravaged the area. Now, Chrysler is truly making efforts to come to the rescue.

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Chrysler celebrates making the big numbers


People sometimes talk about giving 110 percent, but we all know that's impossible. Giving 100 percent even seems unlikely most of the time. But sometimes smaller percentages can mean a whole lot more than these hyperbolic figures.

That's why Chrysler Group LLC is proud to announce that its 27-percent increase in overall sales during the month of September not only beat out those of all other U.S. automakers - they also surpassed analyst estimates for monthly sales. Dodge Ram Evanston drivers may be in part to thank because deliveries of…

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