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Ram 2500 goes natural wit CNG modification

When it comes to loving your Dodge Ram, Evanston, we know what the feeling is like: natural. What's not to love? Power, style, performance - it's a natural fit!

Well, Ram is about to get even more natural now that Chrysler has announced that Ram trucks will offer bi-fuel versions of its 2500 Heavy Duty pickup, which will receive a name change as well. This model will be known as the Ram 2500 HD CNG, which stands for compressed natural gas. 

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Chrysler goes diesel and hybrid for Corporate Average Fuel Economy

Conformity is usually looked down upon as a form of surrender, but when it's done for the right reasons, conformity can be an admirable move.

Chrysler Group, for one, knows when conformity can be a good thing for its cars, its drivers and the wider world. The automaker is introducing diesel-powered and hybrid vehicles in the United States in order to adhere to strict Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations.

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