Why Brake Maintenance Is Top Priority


At Fields Chrysler Jeep® Dodge RAM Glenview, your brakes are a top priority. As the first and oft-times last line of defense between your car and another vehicle, the brakes on your Dodge Grand Caravan or Jeep Wrangler near Glenview, IL should always be in top condition.

Our service technicians know the brakes on every FCA US LLC vehicle backwards and forwards, and they even check your car’s brakes every time you visit our nearby RAM dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance. We also know the telltale signs of brake problems that require you to bring your car in right away. These signs include the following:

Grinding sound when brakes are applied: There are several potential causes here. The least alarming is gravel or a rock caught in one of your brake calipers (the part that squeezes the brake pads/shoes against the brake rotor to stop the car). Another cause might be your rear drum brakes lacking lubrication, which leads to metal-on-metal grinding. The worst-case scenario is that your brakes pads are 100 percent worn down, in which case you’ll need new brakes right away to avoid expensive repairs.

Brake light is on: An illuminated brake light could indicate that your parking brake is still engaged, or that your brakes are due for an inspection. An “on” brake light could also imply a bigger problem. Your best option is to bring your car to our Dodge service center serving Highland Park, IL for a professional diagnosis.

Wobbling/vibrating: When your steering wheel starts vibrating or you detect a slight wobbling in your car every time you hit the brakes, you most likely have an uneven brake rotor. Vehicles like the RAM 2500 are hailed for their durability, but all parts wear out eventually. This is yet another reason to visit us for an expert consultation!

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